How much planning and organizing do you need?


As much as you need to do to get your head clear.

People often ask me: How much do I need to enter into my GTD lists? How much detail should I be capturing about my projects?

It’s been a terrific relief for me to discover that each person has his/her own in-built criterion for whether they are sufficiently organized. The key is whether what they’ve captured and clarified and categorized has stopped their mind from its (unproductive) thoughts about their stuff. If the mind is honestly clear, they’re fine. If not, they’ve got more to do.

I think each of us is different in this regard—how much we need to objectify and externalize about projects, situations, and incompletions, to get them off our minds. I doubt that any two projects for one person need the same amount of captured thinking to clear the psychic decks. I do know that everyone can get to that empty, ready state.

When you get there it won’t mean your mind has nothing in it. It just means that what the mind will be doing is purely the creative, developmental thinking and sorting that is, in a sense, your “job” as an intelligent professional, and, frankly, as an intelligent human being.

I work at keeping my mind freed up and promoted to its more elegant and productive job. It will be fun when everyone is doing that as standard operating procedure.

Still got something on your mind? More to do…David Allen

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